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Please do NOT post items to us on a Friday as there is no one here to accept it over the weekend.  This will cause a  delay in processing your order / replacement.
Our offices will be Closed on the following dates:
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08/07/16 Due to the falling pound against the Euro we have had to increase our prices.
24/06/16 ESU have further advised that the Mobile II (50113) will not be in stock now until late August.  We have no further information as to why, but again this is outside of our control.
22/04/16 New ESU video page added
20/04/16 ESU have further advised that the Mobile II (50113) will not be in stock now until late June.  We have no further information as to why, but again this is outside of our control.
26/02/16 Our Operations Support team are aware of emails being bounced from Hotmail. We are working to resolve this as soon as possible.
12/02/16 We can now advise that ESU have stock of LSXL v4 (54500).

50113 Mobile II  Update

ESU have advised that the Mobile II (50113) will not be in stock until end of April, but again this is not guaranteed.  We fully understand your frustration regarding the delay and have an ever growing back order ourselves, which will be distributed as per the pre order list. We can only apologise for any inconvenience, but this is outside of our control.

30/01/16 Website updated with ESU 2016 releases.  New price list to be uploaded Mon 1st Feb.
20/01/16 LSXL v4 delays

We regret to advise that ESU have no stock of LSXL v4 (54500).  We are being advised that they expect delivery around the end of February, but again this is not guaranteed.  We apologise for any inconvenience caused.

50113 Mobile II  Update

Unfortunately they are very much still in short supply.  We have an ever growing back order, which will be distributed as per the pre order list.  again we have no news of our next delivery.


Please note it is not possible to read the profile of the LS L decoder with the latest ECoS firmware 4.1.2.  However the decoder will work fine if you create the loco manually.  This will of course be possible with a future firmware upgrade.

02/11/15 50113 Mobile II  Update

Our first shipment has arrived.  Unfortunately they are in very short supply.  We only have 7 from our large back order, so once again these will be distributed as per the pre order list.  ESU state they should be back in stock towards the end of this week so we should receive the next batch around 2 weeks time.

Please note:  ALL units appear to have some small scratches around the ESU logo which has been well documented on the ESU forum.  This is actually the protective film which can be removed.


SWD Mobile II user manual              SWD Mobile II Setup sheet

  50113 Mobile II  As soon as we receive notification of shipment from ESU, we will contact you as per our pre-order list.  We understand your frustrations with this long awaited product but be assured as soon as we know, you will too.
20/10/15 NEW Enhanced driving features, starting with the GWR range
  Class 150 DMU available now with “UDrive
03/08/15 Severe Disruption to our Deliveries !

Due to the delays with freight movement at Calais & Dover, our Normal 48hr delivery time from ESU Germany has increased to 7/8 Days.  We can only apologise and thank you for your support as the current situation is beyond our control.

Steve, Caroline

03/06/15 The mobile control 50113 has been further delayed until Aug/Sept 2015.
22/04/15 The mobile control 50113 has been delayed again until May/June 2015

ESU New Products 2015

SWD Translation   German Only

14/01/15 The mobile control 50113 has been delayed again until April / May 2015

All ECoS systems are pdi checked and tested upon arrival from Germany so that they can be setup with English language, have an adapter plug fitted and configured for DCC operation by ourselves in order to meet UK trading standards requirements prior to dispatch. 

Please note your ECoS is supplied from ESU with V 3.5 software as this version is fully supported by the enclosed manual as default.  All software updates are available for free download but must be uploaded by the end user.

We do not offer support for ECoS network configuration.  If you require assistance connecting ECoS to your computer or network for software updates, please contact your local computer expert.

  If using JMRI Decoder Pro, please make sure you install v 3.7.7 as per JMRI Release notes in order to make changes to ESU v4 decoders.

Exciting new sound algorithm from SWD

Customer feedback has always been very important to us.  What has become apparent, is the need to make the sound decoders more responsive, thereby allowing you the modeller, full use of our project features regardless of layout size. The end result is our unique ‘UDRIVE’ algorithm.  During testing, ESU were very complementary on our new structure and the innovative use of their software, as we continue to push the boundaries to a whole new level.

The first SWD ‘UDRIVE’ decoders were launched at the 2013 Warley exhibition.  These were enthusiastically received by all who heard and tried them, and are progressing into an exciting new range of both Diesel and Steam projects.  Gradually, all of the remaining SWD sound library will be upgraded to ‘UDRIVE’ as well as new ones added, for which there are many already recorded.   Please see the British Sounds page on our website for latest releases.

For those of you, who already own ESU V4 decoders and wish to take advantage of the very latest SWD features, please contact us for details of our reprogramming service. 

This progress is the most exciting recent development to have taken place in the field of DCC model locomotive sound control.   Now you can enjoy features such as, Multi-Start, Fade In and Out on the move, Playable horns / whistles, Light & Heavy chuffs to name but a few.  As such, listening and operating your model, loaded with ‘UDRIVE’, together with the very best British locomotive sounds available is uncannily real!

Try ‘UDRIVE’ from SWD today – you’ll be amazed at what you’ve been missing!


 “We create – UDRIVE”


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