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LokSound L v4.0

Between the LokSound V4.0 and the LokSound XL V4.0 decoders is now the desired brand new LokSound V4.0 L.  With dimensions of 50.8mm x 25.4mm x 14mm it was specially developed for gauge 0 Locomotives. It can be used with all digital systems, the LokSound V4.0 L is a quad-protocol decoder and capable of the four data formats including RailComPlus®, DCC, Motorola, Selectrix and M4. The decoder can be installed easily in locomotives equipped with factory supplied headers.  However an adapter board is supplied with solder tabs.

The sound

The most important component of a LokSound decoder is the sound module. Therefore, the LokSound V4.0 L has a 32Mbit flash memory chip, up to 276 seconds of original sounds can be stored.  The LokSound V4.0 L works with 8 polyphonic channels; up to eight sounds can be simultaneously performed on the 10-bit mixer and the low noise D / A converter. Thus we achieve a much better picture of the complex sounds of the model, as we can "bundle" multiple channels. The sounds are transmitted from a digital "class D" double audio power amplifier with a total output power of 3.6W at the speakers. This allows you to control two different speakers.   An optional volume pot can be connected to the adapter board. All different sound volumes can be customized by a CV change.  The LokSound V4.0 L offers the automatically controlled traction motor sequence with a number of switchable function key sounds, in addition to random sounds such as compressor, compressed air discharge, boiler feed, etc. for realistic operation.

The decoder

  • The LokSound V4.0 L is a quad-protocol decoder and capable of the four data formats with RailComPlus® DCC, Motorola®, and M4 Selectrix®
  • It automatically logs on to the ECoS and mfx® compatible control panels
  • Under DCC, up to 28 functions, At Märklin Central Station ® Central up to 16 functions
  • For operation with Märklin 6021 16 functions can be switched with up to 4 addresses
  • Fully compatible with LGB MZS® and Massoth
  • All major brake lines are detected, for example, Märklin braking section, Lenz® ABC braking system or Zimo® HLU® systematics)
  • The decoder can be used in analoge AC and DC systems
  • Motor output is a steady 3.0A
  • Well-known motors especially Mabuchi, or Faulhaber® can be controlled easily
  • A dual power amplifier for two speakers ensures rich volume
  • There are 9 function outputs with 500mA power available
  • Each function output can be individually adjusted with brightness  or special lighting effects, regardless of whether LEDs or bulbs
  • 2 RC servos can be plugged directly. The necessary 5V are generated by the decoder.
  • The LokSound V4.0 L can control the ESU smoke generator: A low voltage output for the fan and heater is available as is also an input for a temperature sensor. The pulse for the steam chuff synchronization can be either electronically generated or acquired by an external wheel pulse. 
  • 3 digital inputs can be used for control functions. Thus, it is possible to build a reed contact under the locomotive and distribute track magnets on the system to trigger when driving a horn or train station to stop automatically
  • To assist in poor power contact an optional ESU "Power Pack" can be connected

The sounds can be changed at any time with the LokProgrammer.

All the sounds available for the LokSound v 4 range can be used with this decoder.

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