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Note: Some products come with German Instructions from ESU.

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Description Download
ESU ECoS v3 user manual      (German Only)
ESU ECoS v2 user manual
ESU ECoS v2 Calibration Sheet
ECoS  S88 Shuttle Connections   
ESU ECoS Boost user manual 
ESU ECoS Detector user manual 
ESU ECoS L Net adaptor user manual    NEW
ESU ECoS Link Terminal user manual   
ESU Loksound V5 Quick start Guide      NEW   English
ESU Loksound V5 Family manual          NEW   English
SWD V5 Power Pack connections         NEW
ESU LokPilot  V 5.0 Family manual         NEW   English
ESU SwitchPilot 3 Servo            NEW   English
ESU SwitchPilot 3 Plus              NEW   English
ESU SwitchPilot 3                     NEW   English
ESU SignalPilot                         NEW   English
ESU SwitchPilot / SwitchPilot Ext / SwitchPilot Servo  manual v2
ESU Lokprogrammer  Guide
ESU Power Pack user manual
ESU Digital interior Lighting user manual   (50708, 50709)   NEW
ESU Lighting (50700, 50702) user manual
SWD V5 Micro Flex PCB connections          NEW
SWD Adapter Board user manual  NEW
ESU Mobile II user manual 50113, 50114
SWD Mobile II user manual   (Keith M)                 NEW
SWD Mobile II Setup sheet                                  NEW
SWD Mobile II Info                                              NEW
SWD Bachmann Loco with Low Volume              NEW
SWD Dapol 08 with LSv4                           NEW
SWD Dynamic Brake setup
SWD RailCom Module 54680  
SWD Power pack User sheet v4 decoders  NEW
SWD LS v 4 Motor set up info sheet  v2                 NEW
SWD LS v 4 Steam sound synchronisation info sheet 
SWD LS v 4 Volume info sheet 
SWD SwitchPilot Servo User sheet
SWD ECoS How to connect a Digitrax booster  NEW
SWD ECoS 2 L Net feedback using Digitrax DS64 / BD4  NEW
SWD ECoS 2 How to update to V 3.7
SWD ECoS 2 How to update to v4.x  NEW
SWD ECoS User sheet, How to create a Point accessory NEW
SWD How to wire a Live frog Point NEW
SWD Plux 22 Combinations
NMRA Wiring standards
SWD Smoke Unit  NEW
ESU Main Catalogue 2021      (English) Frühjahrsneuheiten 2021
ESU Main Catalogue 2020       (English)
ESU Main Catalogue 2019           (English) ESU product highlights 2019
ESU Main Catalogue 2019           (German Only) 52963 Digitalkatalog 2019/2020
ESU Main Catalogue 2017           (English) ESU main catalogue 2016
ESU Main Catalogue 2017           (German Only) ESU main catalogue 2016

ESU Main Catalogue 2016           (German Only)

ESU main catalogue 2016

Product Overview 2015           (SWD English Translation)


Product Overview 2015           (German Only)


Product Overview 2014           (German Only)


Product Overview 2013


Product Overview 2012


Product Overview 2011

Product Overview 2010

Product Overview 2009
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