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Please note:

No ESU Repairs carried out in the UK
You must have a proof of purchase receipt for any item to be replaced under warranty within the warranty period,  (2yrs from the date of sale) From one of our supported UK Dealers or direct from ourselves Only.  If purchased through one of our supported Dealers the product must be returned to SWD through the Dealer from whom you purchased.
please contact us prior to return.

ALL out of warranty items to be replaced or repaired will have to be returned directly to ESU Germany by yourselves To:

ESU electronic solutions ulm GmbH & Co. KG

- Service department -

Edisonallee 29

DE-89231 Neu-Ulm



Customs form requirement

EORI Number DE50681340000


Depending on the workload of our service department please note that handling times might take up to 4 weeks. Unfortunately, it might take even a bit longer when we have to replace (exchange) an article that is currently not on stock. We may ask for your kind understanding in advance! Of course, when you send items for repair we will try our best to help you as fast as we can.

Please contact ESU for advice.

Tel:(0049) 731184780



Warranty & Repair

Should there be any reason for complaint about our ESU products, despite substantial quality controls, please feel free to chose between the following possibilities to get a functional article:

Guarantee claims

Of course, there is a statutory two-year period of warranty for all ESU products. This period is valid from the moment on you buy a product at your retailer΄s shop. If the product shouldn΄t work probably anymore within this period, guarantee claims come into effect. You have the possibility to object the article at your retailer΄s shop where it was purchased to arrange any further approaches with him/her.   

Otherwise ESU offers you to return the article directly to the company΄s service department. We recommend you to do so when your retailer does not longer exist or when you have to drive a long distance to get to the next shop.

Should you assert your guarantee claims directly against ESU, we compulsively need a sales receipt (!) or a proof of purchase that clearly shows the exact date of purchase. Please always insist on a properly written invoice when you buy a product and keep it safely for two years. Only with this receipt guarantee claims are assured!

Repairs with costs

Naturally it is also possible to repair an ESU article which is out of the two-year warranty period. In this case please send the article to our service department. Our technicians will check the item and decide if it can be repaired or replaced.

For this special service we generally introduced service charges. 

You will receive an invoice for the repaired/replaced item/s. We do not accept any kind of quotations or an estimate of costs. If there is obviously no case of warranty on hand, service charges will automatically come into effect.

ESU decoders in factory-assembled locomotives (OEM)

Many ESU decoders have already been pre-installed into locomotives that come ex factory. These decoders are exclusively provided with special settings for the respective customer and his locomotive to some extent. The so-called OEM decoders may considerably differ from our ESU standart decoders.

If these decoders shouldn΄t work probably anymore, please refer it DIRECTLY to the manufacturer of the locomotive or to the shop where you purchased the locomotive.

Please never return an OEM decoder or even the whole locomotive to ESU, since we can΄t accept any direct warranty claims for such decoders! All OEM decoders and locos will be sent back unrepaired.

Repair service fees

Within 3 years from the date of purchase, we will repair defect ESU products which are no longer covered by warranty.

Prerequisites for this are that faulty products are sent within 3 years after date of purchase and the original proof of puchase (receipt) is enclosed. The repair service only applies to ESU products that are bought from ESU dealers and do not apply to decoders that have been installed ex factory.

For decoders or LokProgrammer devices older than 3 years after date of purchase or without receipt, you are still able get a new ESU product. Check our exchange fees.


LokPilot V4.0 - 5 Repair service 20,00 €
LokPilot V4.0 - 5 micro Repair service 21,00 €
LokPilot V4.0 - 5 XL/L Repair service 42,00 €
LokPilot Fx V4.0 - 5 Repair service 12,50 €
LokPilot Fx V4.0 - 5 micro Repair service 20,00 €
LokPilot Basic/Standard Repair service 16,01 €


LokSound 5 (N, H0) Repair service 45,00 €
LokSound 5 L Repair service 80,00 €
LokSound 5 XL Repair service 95,00 €


LokProgrammer 53451 Repair service 35,00 €

Decoder Tester

Decoder Tester Repair service 21,00 €

Exchange fee decoders, LokProgrammer

Defect ESU decoders or LokProgrammer devices which are older than 3 years after date of purchase can be exchanged against the latest decoder, respectively LokProgrammer in return of an exchange free. The exchange fee is valid for either defect decoders or also functionable "OEM" decoders.

The exchange fee will be also charged for decoders or LokProgrammers sent in without proof of purchase.

The exchange fee is only valid for the decoders mentioned down below:


LokPilot V1.0 - 5 Exchange fee 25,00 €
LokPilot micro V2.0 - 5 Exchange fee 26,00 €
LokPilot XL/L V1.0 - 5 Exchange fee 55,00 €
LokPilot Fx V4.0 - 5 Exchange fee 18,01 €
LokPilot Fx V4.0 - 5 micro Exchange fee 25,00 €
LokPilot Basic/Standard Exchange fee 20,00 €


LokSound (N, H0) V1.0 - 5 Exchange fee 84,00 €
LokSound L V4.0 - 5 Exchange fee 145,00 €
LokSound XL V1.0 - 5 Exchange fee 170,00 €

Interiour lighting set

Lighting set Analog (H0) Exchange fee 10,00 €
Lighting set Digital (H0) Exchange fee 12,50 €
Lighting set (Gauge 1) Exchange fee 27,50 €


LokProgrammer 53451 Exchange fee 50,00 €

Decoder Tester

Decoder Tester Exchange fee 35,00 €


SwitchPilot 4-fach Exchange fee 32,00 €
SwitchPilot Servo 4-fach Exchange fee 27,00 €


Service repair

The following products will be repaired for the respective prices:

ECoS 50200, 50210

ECoS 2 Main board exchange 199,00 €
ECoS 2 Display exchange 159,00 €
ECoS 2 Exchange of Flex-PCB on display 49,50 €
ECoS 2 Potentiometer exchange 69,50 €
ECoS 2 Housing part (battery cover) 9,50 €
ECoS 2 Exchange of housing part (upper body shell, lower body shell) 99,00 €
ECoS 2 Exchange of sniffer module 89,00 €

ECoSControl Radio

ECoSControl Radio Exchange of receiver board 49,50 €
ECoSControl Radio Exchange of the complete handheld throttle (mobile part) 99,50 €
ECoSControl Radio Joystick exchange 49,50 €
ECoSControl Radio Exchange of battery cover 9,50 €
ECoSControl Radio Exchange of LCD display 79,49 €

Mobile Control II

Mobile Control II Replace Display 49,50 €
Mobile Control II Cange to new battery 25,00 €
Mobile Control II Replace Mainboard 99,50 €
Mobile Control II Reflash Operation system 29,50 €
Mobile Control II Update Mobile Control II App 19,90 €
Mobile Control II Replace AccessPoint 24,90 €

ECoS Booster

ECoS Booster Repair service 112,00 €
ECoS Booster Exchange fee 201,00 €

ECoS power supply

ECoS power supply Exchange fee 72,00 €




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