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Operational modes: NMRA/DCC „Accessory decoder“ compatible. Motorola® with up to 127 addresses. K83 compatible. Powered either by command staton or separately DC - or AC source (transformer) up to 18V AC.
Outputs: 16 outputs, maximum 250 mA each. Connection by means of removable terminal strips. Push/pull power amplifiers: Each output may be connected individually to either decoder ground or to the common positive return. Individual assignment of decoder addresses to the outputs (Mapping). Lighting effects and brightness can be adjusted individually. Cross-fading and time dependent sequences. Pre-programmed signal aspects. Short circuit and overload protection for all outputs.
Dimensions: 886mm x 86mm x 25mm (3.39 x 3.39 x 0.98 inch)
Included in delivery: SignalPilot 51840, detailed instruction manual


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