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We offer every model railroader who wants to create the most authentic model railroad operation possible a real highlight with the new LokSound 5 decoders. Our newly developed, Fifth generation of LokSound, intelligently combines a sound module with a multi-protocol or DCC only Digital decoder. The best part is with LokSound decoders, not only can you operate just like the prototype, but it will sound just like the prototype too! This is made possible by our award-winning LokSound technology - the decoder that every other one has been compared to since its introduction in 1999. From the inventor of user programmable sound decoders.... ESU. LokSound decoders are available in several versions, depending on the gauge used or Digital System

LokSound 5

LokSound 5 Fx

The LokSound 5 Fx is a special feature of the LokSound family: it has no motor output and is specially designed for use in control cars or drive heads, which require a sound.

LokSound 5 nano

With the LokSound 5 Nano DCC, ESU has succeeded in developing an even smaller LokSound decoder.

LokSound 5 micro

LokSound  5 L

LokSound 5 XL

Appropriate loudspeakers

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