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Please note: 

All ECoS systems are pdi checked and tested by SWD upon arrival from Germany so that they can be setup with English language and configured for DCC operation by ourselves in order to meet UK trading standards requirements prior to dispatch.

Please note:

This Product will need software updates for future product releases.

We do not offer support for ECoS network configuration.  If you require assistance connecting ECoS to your computer or network for software updates, please contact a local computer expert.


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The ECoS 50220 is already the second generation of our successful ECoS command station. With the latest ECoS command station, ESU continues to offer state-of-the-art digital technology combined with contemporary functional range and easy handling all this for a fair price-performance ratio.

The ECoS has - like most of the recent central stations - a large coloured display with high resolution. In combination with its ground-breaking and easily operated user interface and excellent contrast values of the coloured screen, ECoS reaches unprecedented ergonomics: unlike all the other central stations, the ECoS can be also operated without a stylus - all symbols and writings are hugely marked and clearly structured.

ECoS has 9 function keys per integrated cab. The light-, and function keys 1 to 8 show the current state of the function via LEDs.

Discover the fascinating possibilities of the ECoS command station on the following pages. But take heed: ECoS performance is so good, that even we had to re-read a few passages to believe it!

ECoS Features

With an ECoS command station you acquire an open system. As is expected of ESU, from the beginning we wanted to be open to, and compatible with, present systems and norms. Just like our decoders, the ECoS is a real multi-protocol command station.

As a multi-protocol command station, ECoS supports DCC, Märklin® Motorola®, Selectrix® and the M4 data protocol. M4 drives and controls locomotives equipped with mfx® decoders without any restrictions. M4 is completely compatible. You can even continue to use almost all of your present loco decoders. ECoS is therefore the only digital command station worldwide that unifies 4 data protocols.

With an ECoS you can run locos: via two integrated cabs with large, easy-grasp motor driven throttle knobs and nine precise click-function keys you control your locos. In combination with the touch screen, you can control up to 20 functions per engine.

ECoS controls turnouts and magnetic accessories: a large, graphical control panel provides you access for up to 1420 turnouts (DCC or Motorola® protocol).

With ECoS you can plan and control routes: simply put turnouts and magnetic accessories graphically in groups and switch them together. Routes will be activated either by feedback contacts or by key. You can even use s88 occupancy detectors or ECoSDetector feedback modules.

With ECoS you can operate shuttle trains very easily: put a rail contact at both ends of the track and ECoS will do the rest.

The ECoS built-in booster has so much power that, in most cases, you don‘t need additional ones.

ECoS supports EcoSlink, a high-speed bus system, based on CAN, that transmits data instantaneously to the command station.

With ECoS, never before has it been so simple to program your decoders: the large, colored TFT screen offers good contrast and displays a lot of information in unabbreviated text. A programming track establishes contact with your decoders.

Of course, the ECoS has a pre-installed DCC RailCom® function: with its „global detector“ it recognizes RailCom®-compatible decoders (e.g. our LokPilot V5.0 decoder) directly on the main track. You also have the possibility to feedback the turnout position via the SwitchPilot to the ECoS command station.

ECoS is compatible. Besides Selectrix®, Märklin®-Motorola®, and M4, ECoS speaks all variants of the DCC-Norm. With the integrated analogue controllers (joysticks) you can even control the whistle of LokSound decoders, never before more precisely.

ECoS is expandable. Each ECoS command station sports a network port for connection with a computer. Thus you can update software or use a computer for operation.

ECoS is basically the command station for all. Beginners, who are looking for a simple-to-operate cab, will be at home right away: the large, graphic touch screen display shows all information in plain text; in case of doubt use the integrated help function. Never was it easier to switch to digital control. And ECoS runs DC or AC driven trains (compatible decoder provided).

Even model railroaders, who alredy own a digital command station, should step up to ECoS: next to the extreme simple inputs, and the possibilities for route-and shuttle train programming, you will learn to appreciate the manifold programming features for decoders. You can connect your present equipment to the input of EcoSniffer, and continue to use it: you don‘t need to discard anything that you want to keep using!

Due to its enormous output-performance, the ECoS command station is recommended especially for operators of Gauge 1 or G layouts: at last you can run multiple trains without an external booster. Total interplay with our LokSound XL V5.0 decoders is matter of fact.


With the new ECoS 2.1 Command Station 50210, we are proud to present you the latest generation of our Successful ECOS digital centre. The ECoS offers you state of the art digital technology and a unique functional scope with which both (new) beginners as well as "Experts" who are looking for a new headquarters will not be disappointed. The operation of the unit is thanks to a Large colour display with touch panel and customized user interface.  All Icons are large and clearly arranged, information is displayed in plain text in various Languages.  There is also an included stylus for the display.

The ECoS control unit contains everything you need for digital system operation, Simply connect and get started.

What can the ECoS do?
The ECoS is the only digital center that offers all four common digital protocols:
• DCC with RailCom® and RailComPlus® (up to 9999 addresses, 128 speed steps, 28 functions)
• Märklin® Motorola® (up to 255 addresses, up to 8 functions)
• Selectrix® (driving mode and programming of decoders)
• M4 (mfx® compatible, with automatic registration of the locomotives)

This allows you to optimize almost all the locomotives of all known manufacturers on the market.
The ECoS has two integrated lanes. Each console is equipped with motor-Grip control as well as 9 function buttons. The independent control of two means that locomotives can always be viewed without a cumbersome view.

Depending on the data format and locomotive decoder, up to 28 functions can be called up per locomotive.

Every locomotive Is registered in the integrated locomotive database and can be specified individually with a name as well as a Locomotive image.  In addition to the built - in locomotives, you can also create your own images on the ECoS. You can find suitable pictures in the "Lokbild-Bazar" on The ESU homepage, or you design the images on your computer. If your locomotives are equipped with a RailComPlus®  compatible decoders, the
Stored information on the decoder for name, function symbols and loco symbol are imported directly after detection is automatically recognized and accepted by the ECoS.

Switch / magnet accessories
The large display screen of the ECoS shows all existing switches and their switching state
arranged in a matrix. Symbols illustrate at a glance whether they are simple Points,
a decoupling track or a street lighting Switch. You can freely select the position of the switchboard at any time.

Track drawing console
A full - grained track monitor (GBS) shows the topology of your system directly on the
Screen allowing you to place your signals and points in a prototypical manor. larger layouts  can be displayed on up to 16 "pages". The Track switching device, correspond in function and switching state (switch position) of the representation in the signal box.
If desired, track sections can be linked with feedback contacts. In this way You can always see which tracks are occupied in the track monitor.  If you use the RailCom® Enabled ECoS Detector, you can even see the locomotive number, So you always know where the locomotives are!


Points can be grouped into roadways.   These are the controlled by individual switches or connected to a feedback contact. The logic Is very powerful for the route control: Up to 8 individual conditions may apply, not only feedback contacts, but also the position of points can be linked and triggered making a true start-up operation possible as well as (simple) shadow station controls.

Shuttle train control
The pendulum control integrated into the ECoS is very popular because it is very easy to use.  For this purpose, you need a feedback contact at each end of the route, which is software-controlled.
Locomotive duration of stay, acceleration and braking behavior are super easy to set up on the screen of the ECoS. You can, of course, also define interpositions.

Decoder programming
Optimal tuning of your decoders is essential.  Programming decoders with your ECoS
tries to make this process as easy as possible.

Integrated booster
A booster with a continuous output power of 6 amps is now integrated in each ECoS 2.1 control center.  We supply a stabilized switching power supply with 150 VA . You can freely adjust the output voltage to suit between 15V and 21V. The Integrated current monitor shows you the set voltage and the flowing current , on the screen.

System extensions
Although the ECoS already contains many functions, the system can be expanded depending on your requirements.

Connect up to 31 pieces of the known s88 feedback modules directly to the (galvanic
Separate) input of your ECoS, or better still use our ESU EcoSDetector Feedback modules. These operate extremely reliably and can, if required, show which locomotive is in the monitored section.

If the 6A output power is no longer sufficient, any number of ESU ECoSBoost boosters
Can be connected. The integrated RailComPlus® sensors ensure trouble-free operation.
Each ECoSBoost shows the current booster current in the ECoS current monitor, or you can also use your old DCC compatible boosters.

L.Net converter
With the L.Net converter, you can use existing LocoNet® hand controllers and feedback modules.

Mobile Control II
If you need more hand controls? Then extend your ECoS with the Mobile Control II.  Control all your locomotives, turnouts or travel routes wirelessly by radio.

Old systems
We have made your switch to the ECoS as simple as possible.  You can use your existing digital system  as a slave by connecting the track output of your old DCC system to the ECoSniffer input. This will listen to all DCC packages and translates it to the ECoS center.

ECoSlink terminal
If you are planning larger layouts, you will soon need to use several ECoSLink terminals.
These provide several connection sockets for the ESU system buss ECoSLink and can provide additional feed current. The ECoSLink buss is a high-speed buss based on the CAN standard, to which all accessories are connected. The ECoSlink buss can be up to 100 meters long and supply the connected devices with energy.


50220, ECoS 2.1, 6A, 7" TFT colour display, MM / DCC / SX / M4, Inc power supply 90-240V, output 15V-21V dc.



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