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If necessary, you can add the Decoder Tester Extension to your Profi Decoder Tester V2.0: Plugged into the side of the Decoder Tester V2.0 it enables you to comfortably test all large scale decoders.  

If you also have to deal with large scale LokSound XL or LokSound L decoders in your workshop, the Profi Decoder Tester Extension is just the right thing for you: You can plug on LokSound XL decoders with multi-pin connectors as well as LokSound L decoders directly and easily test them.  

The extension module has multi-pin connectors for direct plug-on of the decoder types mentioned above. An LED monitor with 12 LEDs displays the status of all physical function outputs.  

You may also plug on a second speaker or sensor inputs onto the multi-pin connector for quick and easy testing. Up to four servos may also be plugged on for direct testing.  

The Profi Decoder Tester Extension represents the perfect test and programming bench in conjunction with the Profi Decoder Tester V2.0, where you can test and program almost all (ESU) decoders quickly and easily.

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  53901 Decoder tester extension for LokSound XL, LokSound L with LED monitor, servo connectors  

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